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Hi, I'm Uche. I've been working in marketing since 2009. In the 10 plus years since I embarked on this career, I have worked in various industries from health to education and publishing, to charity work, and back again. What my time in my primarily public sector career has taught me is how to create excellence and sophistication on a shoe string budget.

When I decided to run my business, I realised that I wanted to carry on that spirit of providing excellent service to the people who often  don't have the budget of national or conglomerate organsations. That's when I decided I wanted to work with small businesses, and help them to grow and achieve the succeses they dream of. So if you're wondering where my tagline, 'Empowering Businesses' came from, this is it! I hope I can help you build the business of your dreams too.

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I provide copywriting services for all your business needs, from blogs to newsletters, to publicity campaigns.

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Social Media Management

Need help keeping on top of your social media? Struggling to manage your business and your social accounts? Let me take the pressure off you by providing consistent, engaging content that brings your customers back to your website.

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Marketing Strategy

So you have a handle on your day to day marketing, but don't have the time or know how to build an overarching strategy. I can help you create a long term plan that will give your business focus, create better campaigns, and raise your profile in your sector. To find out more, get in touch.

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Black Fundraisers UK (BF-UK) has now been working with Uche of Geode Marketing for the last two/three months and she has changed the way our committee think about marketing. Her work has focused on getting BF-UK to a point where we can better connect and engage with our target audiences across London and the rest of the UK. To date, we have reviewed our current marketing and communication approaches to recent networking sessions and events. Following on from that we are now utilising her skills, experience and insight to help us think more strategically in order to better meet our organisational goals. From looking at our post-event surveys to developing our marketing strategy and building an improved style of social media engagement, Uche is transforming the way we operate regarding Communications and Marketing.

Kemar Walford – Chair of BF-UK